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Vessl® are the producers of a patented closure and delivery device, which provides instant mixing of ingredients immediately prior to use.

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Ion Body Armour

Ion Body Armour are suppliers of negative ion wrist bands and various other products. We were asked to re create their popular silicone wristband in 3D cad to ultilise on their website.

ReUse Golf Balls

ReUse Golf Balls are a small company based in Irvine who  specialise in selling used golf balls. They recently introduced their own bespoke packaging for some of their products which we were lucky enough to provide visuals for. 

Reuse golf balls packaging.767.png
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Sorores Aromatherapy

Sorores Aromatherapy is a small boutique aromotherapy brand based in Dunlop Ayrshire. We provides some key stand out images for them to use on social media to boost engagement as well as clean product shots for use on their online shop.

Drinks & Beverage Industry

We have been lucky enough to have been involved in the drinks and beverage industry for over a decade. From breweries and whisky distillers to packaging manufacturers we have had a lot of experience providing product visuals and 3D CAD mockups.

Envoy-Reliability Clip-dummy-Side View 2-47.png
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