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Ion body armour band.410.jpg

"From the very beginning, it was clear that he was passionate about his work and dedicated to delivering exceptional results."

Kevin - Ion Body Armour


Ion Body Armour

Ion Body Armour are suppliers of negative ion wrist bands and various other products. We were asked to re create their popular silicone wristband in 3D cad to ultilise on their website.

Ion body armour band.444.jpg
Ion body armour band.412.jpg

Product Visuals

We matched all of the colour ways the wrist bands are available in so they can be showcased on their website. Consistent  product imagery provides a level of professionalism  to their website traditional photography previously didn't.

Social Media Animations

We have created scroll stopping social media loop animations which aim to catch the eye of those potential customers.

ion golfer clothes logo edit copy.jpg

Ai image generation

We have also created a whole selection of unique Ai generated imagery. These images have been composited with 3D product visuals to create dynamic engaging marketing content to use on their website and socials.

Ion body armour band.471.jpg
Ion body armour band.538.jpg
Ion body armour band.408.jpg
Ion body armour band.443.jpg
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