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Creative CGI Visulisation

Ferghaus is a 3D visulisation studio based in Ayrshire Scotland.

We specialize in crafting stunning photorealistic CGI visuals and animations to help sell your products or service. 

Please get in touch to see how we can assist you today. 


Product Visulisation

3D product visuals are a dynamic fusion of art and technology, creating lifelike representations of products in a virtual space.

Through meticulous design and rendering, these visuals provide a vivid and interactive preview, allowing clients to experience the product's form, function, and aesthetics without the need for a photo shoot.

3D Animation

3D animations are immersive visual narratives crafted through computer-generated imagery.


For small businesses, they offer a compelling way to showcase products or services, enhance marketing efforts, and captivate audiences, fostering engagement and brand recognition in a competitive market.


Ai Generated Visuals

AI-generated images offer small to medium-sized businesses cost-effective and versatile visual solutions. From tailored marketing materials to product visuals.


AI streamlines design processes, saving time and resources, while ensuring professional, high-quality graphics that elevate brand presence in the digital landscape

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3D CAD Modelling

What is 3D CAD Modelling?

We offer detailed 3D CAD modelling where we can help take your existing product or conceptual designs and turn them into 3D models which you can utilise in a variety of ways from 3D printing and prototyping to product visulisation and animation.

Animation In Numbers


increase social media traffic by 87% over still images.


Five times more likely to stop scrolling vs still image.


Viewers 80% more likely to share video content than still images.


Viewers are ten times more likely to understand a products functionality from a short video

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